Men - tone and shape those legs with Cryolipolysis Essex

Everyone, male and female, worry about their appearance. Problem areas for both sexes include the arms, legs, stomach and waist. As a man, you may be concerned that your legs look flabby, and feel uncomfortable wearing shorts. If no amount of dieting and workouts can help to tone and remove that unwanted fat from your legs, then this is when LA Lipo can help you. We offer a targeted Cryolipolysis treatment and we are based in all major cities in the UK including Essex. Our trained and highly professional team conduct Cryolipolysis either within one of our clinics in Essex, or within your own home, depending upon your preferred choice of location. We want to make the treatment process of targeting those legs as relaxed as possible.

The process of Cryolipolysis or fat freezing Essex as it is commonly known across the UK, is a non surgical procedure that removes unwanted fat from the body. We are able to target specific areas of the body, including the legs, to ensure that they are as toned and sculpted as possible. The procedure does not need needles as instruments are placed topically onto the skin, at cold temperatures. It is this cold temperature that causes the fat cells to ‘freeze’, in essence killing them off. The body then eliminates these cells, naturally, leaving you with no nasty side effects and calves and thighs that no longer feel flabby, but toned. As the treatment is non surgical, the treatment can be slotted easily into your daily activities, even during your lunch break.

Many men find it difficult to tone and shape their legs when thy are overweight. Even when conducting a healthy diet and working out regularly, weight tends to shift from other areas of the body, such as the face, arms and waist. Therefore if you are eager to lose that excess weight from the top of your legs and calves, then Cryolipolysis is a fantastic choice. It can target the legs only, it is pain free, quick and gives long-lasting results that can usually be seen within a two month period from finishing a course of treatments. Having Cryolipolysis treatment can help you to lose as much as twenty percent fat from your legs.

If you wish to learn more about LA Lipo’s Cryolipolysis treatment for your legs, then please do get in torch with us. We can offer you a tailored and specific treatment plan to help shift that unwanted fat rom your legs.

One of the reasons I chose LA Lipo is because of their flexibility. I get to choose my treatment hours and I can even have the procedure done at home, which is very convenient, especially given my hectic time schedule. - Justine

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